Please join us for our MACC Monthly Meeting (Virtually) on October 27 at 12:00.  

Sandra Tenkku – Lake County ADAMHS 
Danielle Lanning – Crossroads Health
David Zavasky – Crossroads Health
Meeting Description
We are living in uncertain times and many people are experiencing stress and mental health issues. As an employee and/or employer, it is important to recognize the signs of stress and mental health issues so that we may address them and provide techniques and resources to help.
During our meeting, we will explain:

  • The stressors people are experiencing right now
  • The signs of stress/mental health issues (including signs of substance abuse and suicidal thoughts)
  • How to remove the bias surrounding mental health issues
  • How to manage stress in yourself and with your employees by providing stress relieving techniques and resources for mental health

Sponsored by Lake County ADAMHS and Crossroads Health

After you have paid and before the meeting, we will send the Zoom link to you. Please pay in advance of this meeting. Thank you!

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